Content - Workshop and storage equipment: drawer cabinets, workbenches, shelf systems, clothes lockers, working stations, transport systems, heavy-duty shelves, partition material

Drawer cabinets

LISTA drawer cabinets provide a robust and well protected storage option for equipment and many other items.
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NC storage and transport systems

NC storage and transport systems made by LISTA give you the perfect solution for your tool logistics.
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Shelving systems

Whether for files, liquids, equipment or tools: shelving systems from LISTA offer tailor-made storage solutions for practically all requirements.
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Dynamic systems

LISTA storage systems are quick, safe and save space. They optimise space utilisation and increase access security of inventory items.

Workshop trolley

The new LISTA workshop trolley L3627 has been optimised for you in all of its key features and now offers you even more benefits, functions and improved ergonomics.
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Workbenches and workstation systems

Thanks to the wide range of combination options, each workstation can be individually equipped with LISTA workbenches to optimise space.
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Partition material & labelling system

LISTA drawer partition materials create systematic order for all industries and all requirements.
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ESD solutions

ESD stands for electrostatic discharge, which occurs when two objects at different potentials come into direct contact with each other. In modern workplaces, an electrostatic charge can give rise to high voltages depending on the humidity level.

Drawer storage walls

LISTA drawer storage walls are perfect for storing large, heavy single items or a large number of small items and keeping them clearly organised and protected from dust and dirt.

Cabinet systems

The extensive range of LISTA cabinets enables you to customise and add to your workspace and storage equipment.
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The LISTA Draw Configurator

The LISTA Draw Configurator simplifies spatial planning and provides a visual outline of the full LISTA product range. In this way, you can make many more adaptations in an instant according to your requirement, product, colour, locking system or load capacity.