Content - Drawer cabinets and desks

Drawer cabinets and desks

The LISTA drawer cabinets are also available in a version for lightweight items (20 kg and 35 kg per drawer). This range includes drawer cabinets and desks, and is suitable for use anywhere that products are for lightweight items. All products are of course made to the normal LISTA quality standards.


Quiet / full extension

The no-cross bar differential pull-outs ensure perfect quietness and allows full extension.

Central locks

All drawer cabinets are lockable (key lock, code lock or remote lock).


As options you can add multiplex tops or black laminate tops. The mobile cabinets can be supplied with either a shaped cover with an edging and inset handles, or with a multiplex cover.

Single-drawer blocking system

If one drawer is pulled out it blocks all other drawers. A tilting of the cabinet is prevented.


In addition, the mobile cabinets  are fitted with two fixed castors and two swivel castors (solid rubber tyres). The castor supports are painted.

Impact resistant coating

Supplied in the two colours light blue and light grey. The environmentally friendly powder coating provides an impact and abrasion resistant surface.