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L1006 universal shelving

The impressive feature of the new universal shelving system from LISTA is that it is fully modular. Available in two versions – either with shelf supports or with open sides – and a variety of heights, depths and unit widths, the slot-in system is quick and easy to assemble for a wide range of requirements. Individual configuration options with shelves, partitions, drawer units and more produce an orderly, space-saving storage system in which everything is ready to hand. Whether small parts, bulk goods, tools or archive material: the LISTA universal shelving system is the ideal warehouse solution – especially in the lean area.

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 Preconfigured L1006 universal shelvings
300 mm 350 mm 400 mm 500 mm 600 mm 800 mm
850 mm
1000 mm (9) (12) (28) (12)
1300 mm (12) (12) (12)

Utmost stability

Sturdy shelf supports or side panels with a load capacity from 1,000 kg to 2,800 kg per shelving unit

High load capacities

80 kg to 300 kg per shelf

Fast and easy assembly

Non-screwed, slot-together design of all basic components and shelves simplifies assembly

Flexible configuration options

Drawers, clothes rails, organisation rails, pull-out suspension file frames, shelf front cover strips, drip trays, grating covers, etc.

Fully modular

Standardised dimensions for all LISTA universal shelving units and customisable configuration options. The layouts of the shelf supports and side panels can be combined

Can be adapted to new storage items at any time

Flexible integration and rearrangement of shelves, drawers and individual parts in increments of 25 mm

Secure locking

Choice of hinged doors or space-saving sliding doors in combination with rear panels

Generous storage capacity in a small space

Can also be installed as a double-stack set-up on request

Ideally suited to lean environments

Perforated rear and side panel covers and sloping shelves for fast, ergonomic access to tools and materials

Maximum shelf use

Shelves have an edging height of only 25 mm so that the full storage height is available