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Test and inspection workstations

With its modular test and inspection workstations, LISTA offers optimised solutions for modern quality assurance practices. A variety of different test stations can be assembled from our wide selection of components in order to meet your individual needs and fulfil the most demanding requirements. You can be assured of one thing: system-based quality.

Utmost stability

through high-quality welded sheet steel construction

Great design diversity and modularity

for individual configuration and combination of top-mounted monitor cabinets with drawer and hardware cabinets

Secure locking system

with roller shutters, drawers, monitor doors and hinged doors to protect expensive hardware and important documents

Fully mobile

for mobile version


thanks to lockable keyboard drawer with full extension runner for keyboard and mouse

Perfect cable management

through cable conduits and openings for horizontal and vertical cable ducts

Optionally with lighting, power strip and ventilator

for an optimum working environmentl workstations with support pillars perforated on four sides so that add-on elements can be attached largely without the use of screws


Roller shutters, hinged doors and drawers

With a flick of the wrist, the cabinets are protected from unauthorised access by a roller shutter with a cylinder lock.


To maximise the quality of work, the Quality Station provides optimum working conditions.  

Wide variety of options

The Quality Stations and computer cabinets can be customised and combined with other LISTA products.

Built-in fan and sockets

Integrated ventilation and power supply guarantee an optimum environment for all hardware components.


All test and inspection workstations are also available in a mobile Version.

Cable conduits and openings

Horizontal and vertical cable management in Quality Stations and computer cabinets keeps everything tidy and meets the highest requirements.